Lincoln Shrubb

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Performance training built from a combination of science and real-world experience.

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Lincoln Shrubb

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Take your performance to the next level

In depth programming designed specifically for your sporting needs.

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Face To Face

Face To Face

Face to face training allows for an unfiltered interaction between athlete and coach. This provides an environment which makes your sporting goals far more achievable. We provide the opportunity for individual and rehab athletes to integrate with other athletes whilst they train. Training by yourself can often become tedious but our semi private sessions allow athletes from all sports to complete their individualised programs alongside like minded individuals. Both Strength and Conditioning and Rehabilitation sessions are run out of our facility in Fyshwick. Individuals, semi-private groups and full teams are all welcome.

Online Programming

Online Programming

Using an app to deliver individualised programs on a month to month basis. The app includes programs, demonstration videos and feedback whenever you need it. Whether your goals are performance related or just general fitness, let me take the guess work out of your training. After an initial online consultation, programs will be designed to suit you and your lifestyle. Taking into account your schedule and access to equipment, you will be provided with in depth programming for everyday of the week.



In 2020 NEXOR Sports Performance teamed up with the Roger Fabri Speed Academy to bring the best speed academy in Australia to Canberra and it’s surrounding regions. Speed is king when it comes to sporting performance and no Strength and Conditioning program is complete without direct speed work. We run our speed sessions at multiple sites around the A.C.T which means you have multiple options to reduce travel time. Individuals, semi-private groups and full teams are all welcome.


1 x 45 min session - $80

1 x 60 min session - $95


1 x 45 min session - $50 each

1 x 60 min session - $60 each


1 x 60 min session - $20 each (6 minimum)



Successfully returning to sport after an injury requires a blend of both rehabilitation and performance programming. Rehab should be seen as an opportunity to come back better but many programs lack the performance side of training and often result in players returning to sport in a worse position than before their injury. Working with either a Physiotherapist of your choice or one recommended by myself, we provide an integrated approach to ensure you’re not only returning to sport pain free but also stronger and more powerful than before.


3 x 45 min session upfront
10 x 45 min session uprfont
10 x 60 min sessions upfront

Free home workouts and fitness plans

With free online classes people who don’t have the time or money to afford a personal coach can make change their lives forever.

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“Love coming to Lincoln during my offseason. He keeps me fixated during the time off and we’re able to target specific areas of my training that are difficult to address during the season”

Jack Wighton - Canberra Raiders

“During my time working with Linc, I developed my overall strength and conditioning to a level I hadn’t seen in the past. In less than a year I was able to win key fights that made me a bigger contender and my physical conditioning was never in question””

Diego  Pereira - Combat Athlete

“During my offseason I go to Lincoln to work specifically on both my speed and mobility. Lincoln is extremely knowledgeable in his field and his programming always demands a high standard of performance. He's also extremely passionate about getting the best out of all of his athletes.”

Connal McInerney - A.C.T Brumbies

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Hi i'm Lincoln

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Growing up playing sport I realised there was no clear way for athletes to bridge the gap between playing at the local level and playing professionally. I've made it my mission to change that.

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