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Whether it’s reaching a higher level or dominating the one you’re already at, every athlete’s goal is to improve their performance. Physical Preparation can often be confusing, I’m here to take the guess work out of your training and make sure you’re getting the most out of every session so you can focus solely on performing when it matters most.

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Growing up playing sport in Australia, I realised there was no clear way to bridge the gap between playing at the local level and playing professionally. Most pathway systems were flawed - you were either bought into a system at a young age or you were stuck playing sport at the local level. The private sector was non-existent and athletes that developed a little later in their career didn’t have access to the training tools required to reach the next level.

There were no high performance models available to athletes who weren’t already in a system, which meant no opportunity to learn true physical preparation. They were stuck either trusting their sports coach or playing guessing games with their own training. My goal has always been to change that.

The industry has come a long way since then and in recent years the private sector in Australia has grown exponentially. With the rise of social media, the industry is flooded with “performance coaches” and conflicting information which often makes it difficult for athletes to know where to go. My methods are built from a combination of science and real world experience. It’s my aim to ensure every athlete has access to quality coaching, education and all of the tools they need to excel at their chosen sport.


After completing my degree in Sports Coaching and Exercise Science, I saw way too many young coaches leave university, do one internship and think that was enough to succeed in the field. These coaches often became parrot to one set of methodologies and had no real idea of what they were doing and more importantly why they were doing it. I wanted to develop my own methods and philosophies, so I set out to experience as many different high performance environments as possible.

In my first year out of University I was lucky enough to land a role with the Canberra Brave as their head Strength and Conditioning coach. I was responsible for the design and implementation of the teams off-ice strength and conditioning for the 2016/17 season. Going straight from University into a professional sporting organisation was such a blessing but I wanted to challenge myself even further and expand my understanding of performance beyond the scope of Australia.  

The following year, I decided to travel to America and intern with the Sports Performance Department at the University of Central Florida. Interning at a division 1 college provided me with insight into a diverse range of programming across a variety of sports. I worked collaboratively with the performance staff, implementing programs for several Olympic sports including: basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis,volleyball and rowing. Experiencing the methodologies behind such a successful program has been instrumental towards my development as a coach.

I came back home an interned under Alan Romero for 6 months in his private facility before taking on a role with Inspire Health Services in Brisbane as an Exercise Scientist. It was with Inspire where I worked collaboratively with Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists delivering an integrated rehabilitation system, which I was also able to implement into the Norths Devils Rugby League program.

Through these roles I’ve been able to cultivate athletic excellence in multiple sports across the entire athlete continuum. I’ve experienced coaching athletes of all levels both in Australia and the states and now want to provide a place for athletes of all ages and levels to utilise throughout their sporting journey.


I am Lincoln

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